Episode Notes

Prelude to the Hellenistic Age:
001: Prelude – The Greeks
002: Prelude – Achaemenid Persia
003: Prelude – The Kingdom of Macedon
004: Prelude – The Macedonian Military Machine

Life of Alexander the Great
005: The Age of Alexander – The King is Dead, Long Live the King!
006: The Age of Alexander – Trouble on the Homefront
007: The Age of Alexander – “It is Undone”
008: The Age of Alexander – “He too is Alexander”
009: The Age of Alexander – Son of a God, King of the World
013: The Age of Alexander- To the Strongest

Wars of the Diadochi
014: To the Strongest – The King is Dead, Long Live the…Kings?
015: To the Strongest – The 1st and 2nd Wars of the Diadochi
016: To the Strongest- The 3rd War of the Diadochi & Babylonian War
017: To the Strongest – The 4th War of the Diadochi
018: To the Strongest – The End of the Wars of the Diadochi

The Celtic Invasion of Greece

019: The Celtic Invasion of Greece – Celtic Civilization and History (1300-300 B.C.)
020: The Celtic Invasion of Greece – The Gallic Tsunami

General Hellenistic Age Topics
021: Assuming the Diadem – Kingship in the Hellenistic Age
031: The Age of Giants – Elephants in the Hellenistic Age
036: Hellenistic Cities – Colonization, Urbanization, & Hellenization
052: Mapping the Oikoumene – Explorers & Exploration of the Hellenistic World

Hellenistic Philosophy
044: Hellenistic Philosophy – Epicurus & Epicureanism
045: Hellenistic Philosophy – Stoics & Stoicism
046: Hellenistic Philosophy – Pyrrhonian & Academic Skepticism
047: Hellenistic Philosophy – Cynics, Cyrenaics, & Peripatetics

Hellenistic Literature
041: Polybius of Megalopolis – Historian of the Hellenistic Age
080: Hellenistic Literature – Menander and New Comedy
081: Hellenistic Literature – Theocritus and Bucolic Poetry
082: Hellenistic Literature – Court Poetry and Propaganda
083: Hellenistic Literature – Apollonius of Rhodes and the “Argonautica”

The Early Roman Republic
022: Children of Mars – The Roman Kingdom and Early Republic (753-390B.C.)
023: Children of Mars Pt. 2 – The Roman Unification of Central Italy & The Polybian Legion (390-282 B.C.)

Life of Pyrrhus of Epirus
024: Pyrrhus – The World of Epirus, & the Early Years (319-296 B.C.)
025: Pyrrhus – Wars with the Diadochi & Westward Ho! (296-280 B.C.)
026: Pyrrhus – The Wars in Italy & a Pyrrhic Victory (280-272 B.C.)

Hellenistic Women
027: Hellenistic Women – Daily Life & Roles
028: Hellenistic Women – Queens & Royal Women

The Seleucid Empire:
029: Seleucus I & the Foundation of the Empire
030: Antiochus I, the Last King of the Universe
054: Kingship & Governance in the Arche Seleukia
055: Syrian Nights, Macedonian Dreams
056: A Royal Wedding, A Bactrian Revolt, & A Parthian Invasion
057: My Brother’s Keeper
071: The Fourth Syrian War – A Tale of Two Kingdoms
072: The Fourth Syrian War – The Battle of Raphia
073: The Anabasis of Antiochus the Great
Bonus: Anchors Aweigh – The Seleucid Anchor and Imperial Iconography

Ptolemaic Egypt
033: Ptolemy I: Son of Lagus, Son of Ra
034: The (Incestuous) Lion’s Brood
035: War & Peace in the ‘Birdcage of the Muses’
058: Two Lands, Two Peoples, One Ruler
059: Kingdom of Gold, Kingdom of the Nile
060: A Traveler’s Guide to Alexandria
061: Greeks in an Egyptian Land
062: Egyptians in a Greek Land
063: Berenice’s Lock and the Gates of Babylon
071: The Fourth Syrian War – A Tale of Two Kingdoms
072: The Fourth Syrian War – The Battle of Raphia

Antigonid Macedon
037: Gonatas & the Macedonian Anarchy
038: A Glorious Servitude
064: Of Revolutions and Reforms
065: The Last March of the Spartans
066: Philip V and the Social War

Greek Sicily:
039: Agathocles of Syracuse – Tyrant & King

The Mauryan Empire:
032: The Mauryan Empire of India

The Punic Wars:
040: Carthage – The Forgotten Mediterranean Empire
042: The First Punic War – The Sicilian Wrestling Ground
043: The First Punic War – Let Them Drink!
067: Rome and Carthage Between the Punic Wars
068: The Second Punic War – Over the Mountains
069: The Second Punic War – Hannibal at the Gates
070: The Second Punic War – To the Victors…

Asia Minor & the Black Sea
048: Persian & Iranian Survival in a Hellenistic World
049: Barbarians of the Black Sea – The Galatians & Odrysian Thrace
051: Peoples of the Steppe – Scythians & Saka to Parthians & Yuezhi
053: The Bosporan Kingdom – Greeks of the Crimea

Greco-Bactria and the Indo-Greeks
074: Greco-Bactria – Land of a Thousand Cities
Interview: Coinage and Numismatics in Greek Central Asia with Dr. Frank Lee Holt
075: Greco-Bactria – Alexandria Eschate to Ai Khanoum
Interview: Ai Khanoum and Identity in Hellenistic Bactria with Dr. Rachel Mairs 
076: Greco-Bactria – Han China and the War of the Heavenly Horses
077: The Indo-Greeks – Invasion of the Yavanarajas
078: The Indo-Greeks – Heracles, Menander, and the Buddha
Interview: Greco-Buddhism in Central Asia and India with Lee Clarke
Interview: Greco-Indian and Buddhist Art of Gandhara with Dr. Osmund Bopearachchi
079: The Indo-Greeks – Homer on the Indus
Interview: Globalization in the Ancient Mediterranean and Indian Ocean with Dr. Serena Autiero
Interview: The Kushan Empire with Dr. Lauren Morris

Hellenistic and Roman Rhodes with Dr. Thomas Coward
The Seleucid Empire with Dr. Kyle Erickson
The Parthian Empire with Dr. Nikolaus Overtoom
The Wars of the Diadochi with John McTavish
The Reception of Cleopatra in the Islamic World with Yentl Love
Rulership and Ruler-Cults in Ptolemaic Egypt with Henry Bohun
On Hellenistic Naval Warfare with Stephen DeCasien
The Illyrian Wars with Dr. Christopher Gribbin
The Ptolemaic Army with Dr. Paul Johstono
Alexander the Great in Ancient Art & Literature with Meg Finlayson
Demetrius I Poliorcetes with Dr. Charlotte Dunn
Antigonus II Gonatas with Robin Waterfield
The Cavalry of the Seleucid Empire w/ Dr. Silvannen Gerrard
Hellenistic Federalism with Dr. Elke Close
Antiochus IV Epiphanes in the Jewish Tradition with Dr. Joseph Scales
“Alexander’s Successors at War: The Perdiccas Years” with Tristan Hughes

Bonus Episodes:
Lost Talisman: The Mystery of Alexander the Great’s Corpse
Philip II & the Rise of Macedon
On Oliver Stone’s “Alexander” w/ Trevor Culley (The History of Persia Podcast)
050: A Q&A Celebration
The Antikythera Shipwreck

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