Hi there! This is the official site for the Hellenistic Age Podcast. If you got this far, you probably are curious about what I exactly do. I am currently running a history podcast that covers the period of Eurasian and North African History known as the Hellenistic Age, which roughly stretches from the death of Alexander the Great to the Battle of Actium (~336 – 30 B.C.). This is a period of time where a melting pot of cultures ranging from Greece to India had begun to mix and interact in the wake of Alexander’s conquest of Asia. From the Wars of the Diadochi to the rise of the Roman Republic, we’re going to look at the political, social, economic and cultural changes that occurred over 300 years, and learn about a fascinating yet often unappreciated period of history.

I, Derek, am the host and creator of the show. While I am not a trained historian, my time as an undergraduate and graduate student in Biology and MBA programs have not dulled my interest in history and the ancient world in particular, and I have considerable experience in synthesizing research materials both ancient and modern.

I release the show approximately every 2 weeks or so, give or take a few days. Currently, the show is available for download and listening to on:
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and much much more.

If you are interested in getting in touch, please don’t hesitate by contacting me via the toolbar on the site, emailing me at, or following me on Twitter , Facebook or Instagram
So I hope you follow along with me as we take our journey from the shores of the Italian Peninsula to the mountains of the Hindu Kush. It’s an exciting time, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

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